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Winter Cycling Essentials for the Canadian Cyclist

Winter in Canada is no joke. It can be a cold, harsh season. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up cycling - far from it! With the right clothing and gear, you can stay warm and safe while continuing to enjoy your ride. Let’s look at some essential winter cycling clothing for the Canadian cyclist.

Layering Up

A key part of keeping warm while riding in the winter is layering your clothing. This way, you won’t overheat or become too sweaty while riding and then become chilly when you stop. The base layer should be made of breathable material so sweat can move away from your skin and keep you dry and comfortable. Next, add a mid layer of fleece or wool to trap heat close to your body. Finally, add a waterproof outer layer with vents if possible to allow excess heat or moisture to escape.

Add Accessories

Once you have your core layers taken care of, there are several accessories that will help keep you extra warm while cycling in winter weather. A neck gaiter or face mask protects your head and neck from cold winds as well as any tiny ice particles that may fly up into your face during the ride. Also consider investing in a good pair of gloves, thick socks, and insulated shoe covers for those particularly cold days. Finally, don’t forget about your head! A thin merino wool skull cap is great to keep the head and ears warm.

Be Seen

When riding in winter weather, visibility is key - both for yourself as a rider as well as other motorists on the road with you. Having lights on both front (min. 200 lumens) and rear (min. 30 lumens) of your bicycle is essential for year round and winter cycling.

Cycling in winter weather doesn't have to be uncomfortable or dangerous if done correctly! Layering up with breathable fabrics and adding accessories like face masks and ear muffs will help keep you warm during longer rides in colder Canadian temperatures. Don't forget about visibility too; ensure your bicycle has fully charged lights! With these tips in mind, anyone can brave the cold weather this winter season and still enjoy their rides safely without having to worry about being too cold!

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