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Why I don't ZWIFT until January

Updated: May 6

Let me start this by saying very loudly, I love Zwift.

I LOVE it.

I've loved Zwift for a very long time. In fact, I was a Beta tester for Zwift.

I'm a level 34.

Because of Zwift I've had the opportunity to virtually ride (and literally live chat) with professional riders like Michał Kwiatkowski , Jens Voigt, and Adam Yates to name a few.

As a kid who grew up playing Nintendo, the gaming aspect of Zwift got me hooked instantly. (And recent updates have me very excited to jump on when the time comes.)

I had Wahoo Kickrs in the store before most others and was preaching the many (many) awesome benefits of Zwift long before anyone else. Which is why this post may seem odd...but hear me out.

I don't get on Zwift until January.


Quite simply: I like being outside and riding a bicycle lets me do that.

There is so much great riding still to be had before January. In fact, I think the fall is my favourite time of year on the bicycle.

I know when I start to ride indoors in January I still have a solid three months of indoor riding ahead of me. That's a quarter of my year. A full quarter. If I got on Zwift now, that's half a year. Add that up over your lifetime and that is years missed. Years.

For a guy who already spends six days a week, ten hours a day inside the bike shop I often get asked, "when do YOU ride a bicycle?" and here's the answer: now; whenever I can get outside.

And on that note, I'm off for a ride (it's just after 7am on Thursday). Want to come along? Join me on Instagram.

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