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What to expect from your LBS in the summer of 2021

Updated: May 6

Just like 2020 did, Covid-19 has thrown the bicycle industry a curve ball.

Please also read our COVID PROTOCOLS before coming to the store.

So, before you head into Forks Bicycle Shop, here's the lay of the land:

  • inflation hit the bike industry first - pricing on everything (the limited stock we do have) has gone up and will continue to go up

  • we are still waiting for things we placed on order in August 2020

  • do we know when more bikes or other inventory will show? No

  • do we know the price? No

  • are we taking orders or deposits on things we can't control? No

  • Thanks to Peloton, good luck finding a shoe in any average women's shoe size

  • If you see a bike that fits you, and fits your budget, buy it - who knows when another will be found. This isn't a hard sales pitch.... 'dems the facts.

  • We will not be selling service parts. Any parts requiring installation will be installed by Forks Bicycle Shop. To be clear: you cannot buy 'just a chain' or 'just a cassette' etc from Forks Bicycle Shop in 2021.

  • No next day service.

  • Massive demand for SERVICE has resulted in a 4-week backlog on repair bikes at a minimum. We do not take/make appointments.

TIP: Your best strategy is to follow @ForksBicycleShop on Instagram. Any new inventory or new updates will be posted there FIRST.

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