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Indoor cycling tips from your mechanic

Updated: May 6

Let's talk about your sweat for a moment, shall we?

Your sweat tells me exactly what your indoor cycling station looks like, including what side of the bicycle your fan is on. Your sweat corrodes your bicycle from the inside by running down the seat post, your sweat melts into your bar tape and does nasty things your handlebars, your sweat does some dirty work...and not the good kind.

Here are 6 things you should consider:

  • Get your bicycle tuned before you pop it on the trainer. Regular maintenance for both your bicycle and your trainer are important.

  • Change your bar tape regularly. Not only can you change up the colour and freshen up your cycling style, but you are also ensuring your hands (which touch your face...) aren't lounging in a sea of gross.

  • Invest in more shorts. Your bib shorts will take a beating, which is why you should consider reinvesting in more before heading back out in the spring with all your bits showing through.

  • Treat your frame. Start the season by applying a protective coating and be sure to wipe your bicycle down after every ride

  • Shift your gears! Seriously, on behalf of your bicycle...please use the entire cassette (I see far too many 21, 19, 17 tooth cogs completely worn out while the rest of the cassette is fine)

  • Upgrade your fan. I can say with almost 100% certainty the fan you are using is way too small. Upgrading your fan will make a big difference in the amount of sweat seeping into your bar tape, down your seat post, and into your bicycle

Have more questions about caring for your bicycle over the winter? Pop on in to the store and have a chat.

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