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How to Keep Comfortable on your Bicycle

If you’ve been cycling for any length of time, you know how important it is to make sure the contact points on your bicycle are comfortable. The contact points are the places where your body and bike come into contact with each other. This includes the handlebars and grips, saddle, pedals and shoes. Without a comfortable experience at these points, your ride can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous. So let's explore what you need to do to ensure your contact points are comfortable on your bicycle.

Handlebars & Grips

Handlebar width and shape has a big impact on comfort during long rides. If the handlebar is too wide or too narrow, it can cause shoulder pain while riding in an aggressive position or discomfort while riding in a relaxed position respectively. Additionally, if the grip material is not up to par, it can also cause discomfort due to slipping or sweat build-up from long rides in hot weather. To upgrade comfort at this point consider changing out handlebars for ones with a more ergonomic design such as drop bars or butterfly bars. In addition, consider upgrading grips with foam grips for extra cushioning or replacing worn rubber grips with new ones for a better grip experience.


The saddle is one of the most important contact points because it affects both comfort and performance when cycling long distances; so selecting one that fits properly is critical for good performance and minimal risk of injury. Saddles come in several shapes and sizes depending on the type of riding you will be doing (road versus mountain). Upgrading your saddle may require some trial and error but once you find one that fits properly you will instantly feel an improvement in comfortability while cycling long distances!

Feet & Pedals

Your feet should be firmly planted on the pedals when cycling; however this doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be locked into them for safety reasons (unless you’re racing). Having said that if you prefer maximum control over your bike then look into clipless pedals which provide solid connection between foot and pedal thereby allowing maximal power transfer from legs to wheels during every stroke! Additionally, consider upgrading shoes as well since stiff sole shoes help transfer power more efficiently than regular sneakers which can lead to fatigue after longer rides due to lack of support provided by those shoes.

Ensuring all contact points are comfortable on your bicycle is key for having enjoyable rides regardless of distance or terrain covered! From upgrading handlebars/grips for better ergonomics while riding aggressively/relaxed positions respectively to getting proper fitting saddle, shoes plus clipless pedals – there are many ways one can upgrade existing contact points thus making their ride more enjoyable! So don’t delay – go out there today and start exploring all those possibilities!

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