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Five Fall Riding Essentials

Updated: May 6

Ah fall, for a cyclist it is our prom season. It is the season a real cyclist loves because like prom we can pull out all our gear, get all gussied up (or in our case layer up), and enjoy some spectacular riding thanks to a summer's worth of fitness.

For any fall ride there are five key essentials to help you get the most out of the day and the rest of the fall in fabulous Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

Five Fall Riding Essentials:

1. Head gear

Keeping warm is the key here. Three great items to have in your arsenal of head gear are a cycling cap (or twenty), a merino wool skull cap, and an aeroshell for your helmet. On any given fall day you may need a combination of the above with your helmet. Starting with just a cycling cap and your helmet all the way through to a skull cap and your helmet topped with the windproof and water proof shell, each combination will give you the level of warmth of protection from the elements you need to enjoy the most of the fall riding weather.

2. Bib Knickers

Once you go bib you never go back and the same goes for the bib knicker. It's a revelation in cycling wear and is an item you will wonder how you ever lived without once you discover their sweet comfort and perfect amount of warmth for the knee joint. Paired with some fancy dancy tall merino wool socks and your cycling style game is instantly elevated (along with your warmth).

3. Gloves

All. The. Gloves.

No joke.

All. the ....gloves. Buy them all. Take multiple pairs with you on a ride. They are small but pack a mighty essential punch in keeping you comfortable on a fall ride.

All. The. Gloves.

4. Base Layer

It's all about that base. A good base layer is really the bread that makes the sandwich, it's the key ingredient in keeping your body warm and dry. Wool long sleeved or short sleeved base layers are something you'll tuck into your bib knickers and marvel at the awesomeness of your both your style and smarts.

5. Lots of other layers

Your base layer is tucked into your bib knickers, on top goes your jersey, on top of that goes a fall cycling jacket, on top of that a light (but essential) wind proof vest. In your pocket next to your nutrition and spare tube sits another layer, a rain cape. The layer you might not use, but is so light and so awesome when you do require pulling it out you will be so thankful you have it.

Layers. Layers make all the difference.

Multiple layers also means more pockets for all. the. gloves.

Layer up my friends! Fall cycling is here and this is one prom you don't want to miss.

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