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12 Days of Christmas: Cycling Edition

Updated: May 6

post by: Heather Travis, wife, artist & expert shopper

Long before Brian and I opened the doors to the bicycle shop and he found his own super cool shit to buy, it was up to me to track to down awesome cycling gifts for my #1 cycling fan husband. Each Christmas I would be tasked with finding something for Brian in a variety of price ranges so parents, friends, family (yes, we're lucky people!) could 'get Brian something cycling-related' for under the tree.

This was a job I took seriously and it was SERIOUSLY hard. Thankfully my efforts paid off. A vintage cycling poster I hunted all over Toronto and had framed still occupies a place of pride in our home office some two decades later. Not to mention the tool kit I got serious brownie points for buying helped Brian service bicycles when we first opened the shop years later....So I take my years of lessons and give to you twelve amazing gift ideas for the cycling fan in your life.

1. Caps, Gloves & Cycling socks

These are the lipstick of cycling. Inexpensive and you can never have enough. Socks make a great stocking stuffer, and a great new pair of gloves or a stylish new cap would make anyone who rides a bike happy to find under the tree.

Price range: $20-$50

2. Water bottles

Apparently there is no such thing as too many water bottles. I still...all these years later don't know why. I just accept it. What I know is this: cyclists LOVE acquiring more of them.

Price range: $20-$50

3. Artwork

Nothing feeds a cycling fan's flames of desire like showing off this passion for 'velo' in their home. And since most people don't hang their bicycles in their dining room, artwork is a great way to do this. Brian and I have a truly one of a kind collection of both framed and unframed cycling artwork at the store. You want brownie points? This will get you many.

Price range: $100-$350

4. Bar tape & bicycle handlebar grips

A nice treat, a little indulgence they might not get themselves...that's what this gift category is. As a main touch point on their bicycle, they will think of you each time they put their hands on the nice clean, extra cushy handlebar.

Price range: $20-$80

5. Tires

Tires on bicycles have a limited shelf life. A great treat for any cyclist is to have a new pair ready in the wings generously provided by someone you love. Seriously...if someone just 'gave' you new winter tires for your car you'd be pretty freakin' happy. Same goes for a cyclist.

Price range: $75-$250

6. Lubes & Polish

Like water bottles, this category is one I'm unclear on. I just know Brian goes through a BOAT LOAD of bicycle lubes and polish. And if my active listening skills are anything to rely on, "if people just cleaned their bikes and protected them....they wouldn't have this problem!". What problem? Dunno. I guess any issue that results in Brian getting his hands on it:)

Price range: $20-$50

7. Saddle & Cleats

This is a great gift idea to show you care. The saddle is the mattress of the bicycle and should be replaced every once in a while. So should cleats (have you ever seen how gnarly those get?!). So replace their old with new.

Price range: $40-$250

8. Sunnies

I'm sure there is some technical reason for awesome cycling sunnies with a variety of lenses. What I know is this: They make you look awesome. Every cyclist could use another pair and would absolutely love a new pair. This is a generous gift, but worth it for the smile you'll get.

Price range: $100-$350

9. Level up your indoor training game

This is a big category and one where you can spend anywhere from $75 to $1500+ and then some. Think: heart rate monitors, a GPS unit or Wahoo, a new indoor trainer, an indoor trainer mat, the Wahoo desk, or Wahoo headwind.

Price range: $75-$2000

10. Tool Kits, Tools, & Repair Stands

This is a great category for someone who you think has everything. I promise you. They don't. Have an avid cyclist in the family? A home repair stand is likely on their long wish list. More tools are always welcome. Tool kits are a particularly great gift and will always be appreciated. Especially if wrapped in new socks:)

Price range: $50-$1000

11. Gift Certificates

Still don't know what to get? You can get gift certificates. We have those in store too.

Price range: $50 & $100 available

12. The Ultimate: Spa Day

Want the ultimate Christmas gift for your ultimate cycling fan? Treat their bicycle to a spa day. A full day with Brian. All the bells and whistles tested, updated, and made to purr. $150 deposit, they make an appointment, we send you the bill. You earn a lifetime credit of brownie points. So go ahead, book your own spa weekend. You won't hear complaints .... they will be on their bicycle:)

Price range: Priceless

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